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To complete your experience of serenity and calm, of a healthy and organic food, we propose you a massage service, so that you can spend a true moment of relaxation within our establishment of character.

Indeed, during your stay or weekend at Dalmore Manor, you can benefit from SHIATSU massages given by our practitioner

Officially recognized as a therapy in Japan, this massage soothes and restores vitality and dynamism.

Practiced on a floor mat, through the clothes, this massage by pressure of the fingers along the acupuncture meridians unblocks and releases the energy of the contracted body zones, but also the mind by restoring confidence. It is tonic in the morning and more calming in the evening.
Bénéficiez d’une séance d’une heure pour 65€ (sur rendez-vous uniquement)

The Manor Sauna

Le sauna est actuellement hors service. Nous sommes dans l’attente d’un professionnel pour la réparation et nous nous excusons pour la gêne occasionée.