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The Eco-Hotel

The European Ecolabel

Today, it is essential to reduce our impact on the environment.
This is the reason why, through our hotel, we have chosen to act on our scale by adopting a sustainable approach, the award of the EU eco-label awarded in August 2012.


In practice, this means for example that:

  • 50% of our electricity comes from renewable energy sources.
  • Our showers are equipped with flow reducers.
  • Most of the products offered at breakfast come from Organic Agriculture or local producers.
  • Towels are made from organic cotton, fair trade.
  • Our televisions and computer equipment are carrying the European ecolabel or the Energy Star label, which reward their low energy consumption.
  • To reduce our consumption of electricity, our rooms are not equipped with minibar, but we remain at your disposal to bring you what drink you.
  • You will find that very few products of home in our rooms (shoes, Shaving kit, dental kit, Vanity set, swimming CAP,…) but these products are available on request at the reception.
  • For the sake of saving water, the suite Glénan is equipped with a bathtub, the other rooms and suites of the hotel have a shower.
  • We sort our waste and we favour low packaging or recyclable packaging products in our purchases.
  • We compost our organic waste and use the compost for our garden, our herbarium and our park.
  • We use environmentally friendly household products.
  • We make aware our staff in sustainable development and we are pursuing all the clearly defined objectives.

And for you?

We invite you to participate in our approach by adopting a few simple gestures which have an impact, as turn off the heating when the window is open, switch off the light of a piece when the latter is unoccupied during your stay, or even sort of your waste by choosing the appropriate bin.

In addition, in order to contribute to saving water and detergents, we launder that towels that you will leave by land: If you want to reuse them, you can hang them on the towel. Similarly, the sheets are washed on request or during long stays, every three days.

The shower gel and liquid soap that we put at your disposal in the bathroom are ecolabelled. For the sake of limitation of waste, we have chosen to not opt for an individual bag packaging, but for a pump bottle, which allows it to be hygienically used by several customers.

Why choose a facility certified for your holiday?

By opting for a responsible hosting, you are encouraging the widespread use of such practices. In addition, you can see that "ecological beliefs" do not rhyme with "forced", and that the comforts of a hotel 4 * can rely on environmental concerns.

To learn more about the European Ecolabel, and criteria: